Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Facebook Fast and Introductions

I was off Facebook for Lent- though I went on a few times to check messages- and it was a quiet, understated experience. The biggest challenge for me was watching my Concrete Gardener stats go down, as many of my readers come over from Facebook. I realized how much I like knowing people are reading- maybe I like it too much. So I worked through that a little bit. I also had prayers answered in surprising ways during the Lenten time, which increased my faith.

It also made me think about community, and whether there's a way to generate more opportunities to talk: There's no pressure if you're a lurker, but I wanted everyone to have an opportunity to introduce themselves, for no reason but to create community. Many readers are connected somehow, or you could be!

I'm not trying to create an "in" community and "out of" community here, so don't feel you have to wash your hair with bicarb or make your infant pee in a yoghurt container from birth- I suspect only a few readers do, the rest just appreciate the crazy.

Some things you could include in your comment:
- Where you are in the world.
- What you're doing (however you define that).
- Anything you're excited about trying out this month or year.


Rachel said...

Jo was my RA my first year at Wellesley.

I am currently living in Boulder, Colorado (USA) finishing my doctorate. I am moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA) in a few weeks to start a research fellowship.

The next few months I will have a lot of changes both personally and professional. For the first time in 25 years, I will no longer be a student. After living with my partner for the past five years, I will once again will living on my own.

I am really excited to figure out what I want my life to be like. I enjoy the Concrete Gardener -- it pushes me to think and question whether I am making decisions because it is expected of me or because it is right for me. While I still use shampoo, I'm more careful about reading the labels. :-)

Concrete Gardener said...

Thanks Rachel! It's really good to reconnect after several years, and I just want to wish you well living on your own and doing your research fellowship. I'd love to hear about Albuquerque is like. Eug lived there for 2 years growing up when his dad was on sabbatical from Seoul, and it sounds like a beautiful and interesting place.

emily said...

Jo and I went to AC in Wales together and lived in the same house. We had somewhat different experiences there. Mine was a bit more bittersweet with an emphasis on the bitter (a fundamental, life-altering experience nontheless!)... For whatever somewhat similar, somewhat different, strange and hippified reasons, Jo and I have a smattering of similar "domestic" habits. Although I am secular, I consider Jo part of my "community of faith" - but with a lower case F (a Venn diagram would be a useful tool to illustrate this)- always looking for support, thoughts, and creative ideas about why and how to pursue similar raisons d'etre more true to intent. If that makes sense.

Moreover, HELLO RACHEL - poke Rachel, will you Jo? - my partner and I live in Denver. My midwife is in Boulder so I'm there occasionally - although I might not be before the next couple of weeks elapse but I'm always up for food and that Walnut something or other cafe. Nom! Before you head off to Albuquerque, we should meet up. It's like ten degrees to Kevin Bacon except that "Jo" doesn't rhyme with "separation".