Friday, April 6, 2012

Tokai Market and Happy Easter

Our wonderful neighbor introduced us to Tokai Market, which happens every Saturday. We're never quite in our element when encountering gourmet food, but it's a wonderful place to meet friends and share a meal outdoors. There is raw honey and quite a bit of good produce.

A large sand area for Noah to enjoy...

Pancakes, SA style

For some reason Noah wanted to be fed? Or maybe we were just afraid he'd eat all three pancakes.

Eug has been growing a beard. He looks good. obviously.

I wish I could video record Noah pooping. He is in love with our new toilet, and will stay on it for 30 minutes if we let him, making socially inappropriate noises.

Celebrating Good Friday together. I made Sourdough Naan with mushrooms and caramelized onions (and some corn), because it's a meal that takes a little longer than others to prepare and so it made the food feel sacred. It's the end of the day, --usually Noah seems to gradually lose his clothes so we're lucky if he has clothes by dinner.

Happy Easter! May this time be experienced as sacred/set aside.

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Bridggymama said...

Happy Easter to you, you all look gorgeous! miss you guys!